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To create the perfect distance

Practical, Hygienic and Aesthetic.

Within a few seconds the Uricover can be mounted without  touching the urinal.

Create a safe distance to fight Covid-19,

Place the Uricover alternately at the urinals

in every men's toilet group.

Persistent functioning; The Uricover is antibacterial, is not affected by moisture conditions or something like that.

               The Uricover is Unique and fully Patented.

Safety first

A safe and clean environment.

The Uricover is placed alternately.

This is how men's toilet groups can remain open, and sufficient distance has been created for each user per urinal.


The recyclable and antibacterial Uricover can be easily and timely replaced for a new one: 100% Hygienic!

No adhesive tape, no glue residues, no loose bags, no paper and no cardboard.

A totally different picture

It is obvious that this is, in addition to the most practical and hygienic solution, also aesthetically the best choice!

At a glance a well-defined message
clearly communicated!


Covid-19 shows us the importance of hygiene; dirty bags, cardboard, tape or other "solutions" are belonging final to the past. 

The Uricover is also available

with your logo!

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